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Why are state constitutional amendments on the ballot?  There are ways in which New Mexico’s state government functions that are built into our state constitution. The only way to change the way things are done is to change (amend) the state constitution.

The Constitution of New Mexico outlines the process for amending the constitution:

The proposed constitutional amendment must pass both chambers of the NM legislature – also known as the House of Representatives and Senate – by a majority vote.


If that happens, then the proposed amendment goes on the ballot for voters to decide.

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Permanent School Fund Question:

This Amendment seeks an additional distribution (1.25%) from the Land Grant Permanent Fund for early childhood education and K-12.

The additional funding will not raise taxes.


Anti-Donation Clause Question:

 This would allow public investment in infrastructure for essential household services

(examples: internet, energy, water, wastewater).


Delay of Judge's election after appointment:

Proposes to delay the general election for a Judge's seat for one year after appointment.

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